CBS, Yahoo, Amazon, Verizon, and Facebook Are All in Talks for NFL Streaming Rights

Recently we heard that NFL and CBS are in talks for streaming rights of NFL games. Now we have confirmation from Facebook that they are also in talks for rights to stream NFL games. There are also reports that Yahoo and the NFL have had high level talks.

So what does this mean that CBS, Yahoo, Verizon, Amazon, and Facebook are all in talks for NFL streaming rights? It likely means official and serious talks for streaming rights for all NFL games are occurring. (There are reports that Apple was once part of these talks but has dropped out.)

This is also one more hint that Amazon is looking at live streaming.

Some have suggested that CBS is looking to add the games to their CBS streaming service for a fee. Other services, like Facebook and Yahoo, are rumored to be looking at an ad-supported model for the streaming deal.

Facebook has been pushing live streaming for some time now mostly from smaller Facebook pages, but Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of partnership, told Verity, “We’re talking to a lot of folks about live (video). There are a ton of types of content that can fit under this format,” Rose said.

Regarding the NFL, which is shopping an over-the-top package for next season anchored by “Thursday Night Football” games, Rose said, “We’ll see.”

For now we will have to wait and see what happens, but all signs point to the NFL becoming more cord cutter friendly. If that happens it will set a standard for other sports to match because the NFL has the largest fan base and is often seen as a trendsetter in sports.

Source: Variety

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