Channel Master Announces a New 60-Mile “Smart Antenna”

Today Channel Master, the company best known for their line of OTA DVRs, announced a new smart antenna called the SMARTenna+.

This 60-mile indoor antenna uses a new Active Steering technology from Ethertronics. With this Active Steering feature the antenna will automatically maximize TV channel reception.

The SMARTenna+ does this by scanning for over-the-air TV channels with a built-in TV tuner and analyzes the results. From there the antenna will Auto select the best configuration from seven different built-in options to deliver the greatest number of channels.

According to Channel Master, this technology will be able to eliminate over 90% of indoor reception issues that are commonly due to placement and movement.

A few months ago, Cord Cutters News had a hands-on look at the Ethertronics Active Steering technology and found it to be impressive in the demo. The question now is how will it work in an every day test.

The new SMARTenna+ 60-mile antenna seems like a great fit for Channel Master’s new Stream+ DVR and Android TV player.

Cord Cutters News plans to do a full set of tests on the Channel Master SMARTenna+ and the new Stream+ DVR/Android TV player as soon as possible.

You can preorder the SMARTenna+ on Channel Masters site for $89 right now. No date was listed for when these new antennas will ship but we expect them to hit the market soon.

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