Charter Spectrum Will Raise Cable Prices in June

Charter Spectrum is letting customers know that their monthly charges are being increased again next month. Changes include increases to the Broadcast Surcharge, the Latino View package, and equipment fees for set-top boxes.

Stop the Cap first spotted the notice from Charter which says:

Notification of Rate and Service Changes

As of 6/2/2021 there will be changes to Spectrum services, equipment, fees, and surcharges where applicable.

Broadcast Surcharge for all TV plans will increase from $16.45/mo to $17.99/mo, with the exception of TV Stream and TV Choice, which will increase from $8.95/mo to $12.95/mo.

Latino View will increase from $8.99/mo to $9.99/mo.

Equipment fees for HD Boxes will increase from $7.99/mo to $8.99/mo.

Charter Spectrum raised the Broadcast Surcharge less than a year ago in August, taking the monthly cost from $13.50 to $16.45. At that time, prices also increased for Stream TV packages and cable packages.

With this increase, Spectrum cable customers will now be paying $215.88 per year for the broadcast TV fee.