Charter’s Spectrum TV Adds a New Fee For Local Channels

Cable TVAre you still paying for cable TV from Charter? Did it convince you that local TV plus Internet was less expensive than Internet-only? Get ready, you are about to pay an extra fee…

Starting this month all Charter Communications customers who have their TV service will pay an extra $4.47 a month for the right to have local Broadcast TV stations, which will add up to $53.64 a year and over a 2-year contract it will cost an extra $107.28 on top of what you already agreed to pay for your TV service.

Comcast has already been charging this fee since 2014, and it seems that Time Warner Cable did the same thing. So if you had Time Warner this may not be new but it appears that Charter has learned something from their purchase of Time Warner Cable.

This is just one of a growing list of fees that are often hard to find out about until after you sign up for a service.

Comcast, for example, recently added a phone technology service fee to its phone service. So not only do you pay for the phone service you have to pay for the technology it requires to use the phone service you pay for.

As always remember that rate you see in the ad is often not including all the fees and hidden charges you will find on your bill long after you sign up for a service.

Source: Masslive

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