Chromecast 2 Details Leak In FCC Filing


Chromecast 2 details leaked FCC filing well details are limited because of the 180 confidentiality request from Google. What we know is the size will be almost unchanged and that the new Chromecast will have the same model number as the current generation.

Here is what got form the documents:

•    Chromecast 2 should have the newer 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard on the 5.0GHz band.

•    Improved processor but the exact processor is hidden by confidentiality.

Past the two changes listed above no noticeable change was reviled. The FCC filing is likely to mean a announcement before in the next few months.

It is a little surprising to see a new Chromecast as Google just released the Nexus Player the first Android TV box just this week. Many had expected no updates to the Chromecast as Google pushed their new Nexus Player.

It does seem a little confusing for a major company like Google to have two products to compete in the same market place. Maybe this shows a lack of trust in the Android TV not to suffer the same fate of their old Google TV.

For Chromecast fans the good news is Google has not forgotten you with all the talk about Android TV.

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