Chromecast with Google TV’s Newest Trick Lets You ‘Swipe Right’ for Better Suggestions

Google’s adding some new fine-tuning tools to its new Chromecast with Google TV. The streaming dongle, which ships with an enhanced version of the Android TV operating system, will soon let users train the device to improve content recommendations. So in addition to learning from your watch history, subscribed services, and more, Chromecast users can also actively refine likes and dislikes for, potentially, better suggestions for what to watch next.

“Starting this week, you can help train Google TV on the big screen to give you better recommendations by sharing your preferences,” the company shared in a blog post.

If you’re interested in the new feature, you can head to Settings and then click on Content Preferences. From there, you’ll be asked for your opinions on a series of films and/or TV shows. Taking a cue from dating apps like Tinder, swiping right on content you like encourages Google TV to recommend other shows and movies like the one you approved. Conversely, swiping left tells the software to suggest fewer similar options.

Once you’re done with your ratings, those preferences will be saved and used wherever you use your Google account. Google says the new feature should be rolling out to Chromecast with Google TV users over the next few weeks. And you can learn more about the option, along with other ways to fine-tune content suggestions in Google’s recent blog post.