Classic Monster Movies Turning 90 This Year and Where to Stream Them

There’s something about the aesthetics of old scary movies that makes them all the more, well, scary. That’s why we couldn’t let the month go by without acknowledging these iconic horror flicks that are celebrating their 80th and 90th anniversaries this year.

That’s right, these films have made it nearly a century and still remain part of the quintessential movie night list for Halloween. Both the 1931 Dracula and Frankenstein movies are turning 90 this year, while The Wolf Man is celebrating 80 years and counting.

You can stream all three of these titles on Movies Anywhere, and the best part is that even though these movies were produced with older technology a long time ago, you can now watch them with the best quality available via the Movies Anywhere app – including 4K and UHD.

  • Dracula (90th Anniversary) 
  • Frankenstein (90th Anniversary) 
  • The Wolf Man (80th Anniversary)