ClearStream TV Now Turns Any Antenna Into a WiFi Enabled Antenna With Recording

A few months ago Antenna Direct launched ClearStream TV a dongle that can turn any TV into a WiFi antenna. Today Antenna Direct announced that they are adding the ability to record to their ClearStream TV app. Now with the Fire TV, Android, and iOS streaming devices ClearStream TV can record shows, rewind live TV, and fast forward through commercials on recorded whos.

Now on the ClearStream TV menu, you will find a record button as you watch your show. That will give you the ability to record shows for latter. You will also get the ability to pause live TV and rewind to make sure you never miss a moment.

Below are a few Recording features:

  • Watch your recorded programs at your leisure. No WiFi or internet is needed! Bring your recorded shows with you, on your smartphone or tablet, anywhere you go.
  • See your recorded program details and sort your recordings by date, title, most recent, and more!
  • 2 hours of recording equates to approximately 3 GB of storage when recording in standard definition. It is recommended that you check for available storage space in the settings menu on your streaming device prior to recording a TV program.
  • Delete your watched shows to free up space and record more programs.

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