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Comcast Added Over $79 in Fees to One Customer’s Bill

We have all seen the ads “come back to cable TV for a crazy great rate,” but there are hidden fees and taxes that make that deal a lot less attractive in reality.

Thanks to one of our Facebook group members we get a look at how quickly these fees can add up.

In just one month their $114.99 Internet plus TV bundle jumped to $202.48 thanks to fees and taxes. (Plus $21 in on-demand rentals.)

So let’s break this $79.49 in fees and taxes down.

Additional TV Services: $39.91

The additional TV services fee for this customer was $39.91. Comcast describes this as equipment charges, DV service, premium channels, and on-demand purchases.

The reader says they rented three movies costing $21. The other cost is likely their DVR service fees for $18.91.

Additional Internet Services: $13

According to the Comcast website, the Additional Internet Services fee is for stuff like modem rentals.

Add’l Products, Services & Equipment Fees: $33.96

This one was harder to find information for online. As best I can tell this fee is likely for equipment such as digital adapters for additional TVs.

Other Charges & Credits: $13.23

As best we can tell from the Comcast website this is for “broadcast TV fees and convenience (agent-assisted) fees.”

Taxes, Surcharges, & Fees: $8.39

Local and state taxes can be found here.

Grand total minus the three on-demand rentals: $79.49.

Here is an image of the bill:

Next time you see that “great” TV plus Internet deal, remember all the hidden fees that come with it, and let’s not forget all the price hikes and the long-term contract most companies force on you.

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