Comcast Adds $43.58 in Fees to One Customer’s Bill…

comcastboxCable companies often want you to think it is cheaper to get a package deal with TV over just being a cord cutter with Internet only, because they don’t like to advertise all the hidden fees and costs.

So let’s take a close look at one bill we were sent and what fees Comcast forgot to mention when we signed up.2016-02-17 14.59.37So here is a quick break down of every fee:

  • HD/DVR Converter $10
  • HD Technology Fee $9.95
  • Digital Adapter 2 @ $3.99 each totaling $7.98
  • Broadcast TV Fee $5.00
  • Regional Sports Fee $3.00
  • Franchise Fee $7.65

Total $43.58! YIKES!

So now let’s break down a few of these fees I think are most outrageous.

HD Technology Fee $9.95…

So you already pay $10 a month for an HD/DVR converter box, yet to get access to the HD content through the DVR you need to pay $9.95?

Digital Adaptor $3.99 each . . .

Now that Comcast has moved to digital TV you have to pay for every TV you have in your house. $3.99 extra per TV quickly adds up. This house has just two other TVs and pays $7.98 just because they own two TVs! Yikes! How many TVs do you own?

Broadcast TV Fee…

Want to see the local stations that are free over the air? Yeah, that will be an extra $5.00 a month . . . Want to not get local stations and skip the $5 fee because you have an antenna? Forget it that is not an option . . .

Regional Sports Fee

Hate sports? Tough! You’re stuck paying a $3.00 a month fee for local sports no matter what your thoughts are on sports.

Add this all up over a year and you are paying over $522 a year in just fees! YIKES! Your only option to avoid these fees is to dump cable TV and become a cord cutter. $522 a year in just fees can get you Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and pay most of your Internet-only service.

So next time someone says it was cheaper to get a package deal show them this and let them know how many hidden fees Comcast will be charging.

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