Comcast Could Pull NBCUniversal Content From Hulu to Make it Exclusive on Peacock

NBCUniversal has a big decision to make. The studio is considering pulling its content from Hulu to boost Peacock’s exclusive library, according to the Wall Street Journal. Sources say that NBCUniversal (who owns one third of Hulu with Disney) has a one-time window coming up where it could pull out from its content licensing agreement with Hulu in favor of moving it to Peacock. This is the last opportunity until the next window in 2024.

If NBCUniversal decides to green light the move, that would mean shows like Saturday Night Live, The Voice, and Chicago P.D. and which all typically arrive on Hulu the day after airing would be pulled from the streaming service and moved to Peacock sometime by Fall 2022. Sources say this doesn’t necessarily apply to all of NBCU’s content on Hulu, as older reruns like 30 Rock, Will and Grace, Law & Order: SVU and more have separate licensing agreements.

But the plot thickens for NBCUniversal with the fact that while pulling the shows could boost Peacock’s subscribers, it could harm Hulu which NBCU also owns stake in.

NBCU reportedly has until early next year to make the decision.