Comcast Introduces New Streaming Device Called XiOne

Comcast announced today the launch of a new streaming device, the XiOne, currently available in Italy and Germany for SkyQ customers, and now becoming available to Xfinity Flex customers in the U.S.

Comcast describes the XiOne as a plug-and-play device with faster processing and increased memory. The device supports WiFi 6, 4K UHD, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos and includes a small, simple remote, designed for streaming.

“When Sky joined the Comcast family, we brought together our engineers to share insights, roadmaps, talent, and technology to support our global customers. The launch of our new XiOne device is a direct result of these efforts and underscores how our collaborative development approach can bring new and innovative streaming products to markets faster and more efficiently,” said Charlie Herrin, President of Technology for Comcast.

The new XiOne streaming devices is beginning to rollout to new Xfinity Flex customers. Comcast plans to expand availability in the future.