Comcast is Cracking Down on Customers Looking For Discounts & Shaking Up its Channel Packages

comcast sign

Are you a Comcast customer who always calls to get a new deal when your Comcast bill goes up? Sadly, the days of threatening to cancel as a tactic to get a better rate may be coming to an end.

Cord Cutters News has talked with Comcast employees and has learned that Comcast is removing the ability for call center agents to give discounts to current customers whose promotional rates have ended. Comcast is training employees about new limitations coming in 2020 to their ability to give discounts to existing customers.

This new plan called Comcast Vision 2020 severely limits what deals phone agents and store representatives can offer for TV packages. Customers who want to get a discount will now need to sign up for a Comcast wireless phone plan or home security if they want to get a discount on TV.

Comcast will also be shaking up some of their packages with two new TV packages launching. These packages will drop some channels but still cost about the same as the current packages. From the sounds of it, at some point in 2020 as part of the Comcast Vision 2020, Comcast will make their TV packages less attractive to new subscribers by offering less but charging the same amount.

Look for these changes to start to roll out sometime after the new year. The first thing you will likely notice is phone agents will be limited in what they can do. From there it’s likely new customers will find updated packages that are not nearly as attractive as the old packages.

This all comes as next week Comcast will be raising its pricing for both TV packages and the fees that go with them.

What do you think of the new changes coming to Comcast? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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