Comcast Is Moving Some TV Channels to More Expensive Packages As a Hidden Price Hike

Back in August, Cord Cutters News broke the news that Comcast would be moving some channels to more expensive TV packages. Now Comcast has started the process and has moved Turner Classic Movies from the base Xfinity TV packages to the Xfinity Sports Package for $9.99 a month.

This is not the only change according to our sources. Starz will soon leave the Xfinity Premier Package and will now cost $12 a month. Comcast will also reportedly be removing its free music channels and replacing them with music built into the Comcast App that will let you stream different radio channels.

Why is Comcast doing this? In short, this allows Comcast to hike prices without needing to actually raise your current subscription price. Instead, they are offering less but charging the same. For example, by not offering TCM in the base TV packages, Comcast no longer has to pay TCM allowing them to make their TV packages more profitable. Moving TCM into the sports package also means fans of classic movies will need to pay for expensive sports channels to access their movies.

We don’t know exactly when Comcast will be moving Starz and the music channels, but so far Comcast seems to be following the plan we first reported on in August.

The good news is if you want TCM you have many options including Sling TV, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, AT&T TV NOW, and YouTube TV. Sling TV even offers TCM with its Hollywood Extra add-on for just $30 a month including channels like REELZ, HDNet Movies, Sundance TV, The Film Detective, and Cinemoi.

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