Comcast is Offering Free Internet Speed Upgrades to Cord Cutters

comcast signIf you use Comcast as your internet service provider, you may want to check your internet speed. Slowly over the last month, Comcast has been rolling out faster internet speeds to current customers. Some Comcast Xfinity internet customers have even seen the speed of their internet double in recent weeks.

At first, it appeared that Comcast was upgrading internet speeds in just a handful of markets. Now it seems that Comcast is slowly rolling out this internet speed upgrade nationwide.

It appears that Comcast is trying to prepare its internet service for a growing number of competitors. Recently Fiber, 5G, Fixed Wireless, and soon even new internet providers like Amazon and Spacex who plan to offer internet from space have started to take on Comcast’s typical dominance in the markets they serve.

Speed improvements will likely help Comcast keep some customers, but its data caps may be the final straw for many cord cutters. New options like Verizon Wireless’ new 5G home internet service having no cap on its internet may push many to switch.

But for now, Comcast has a few years before things like 5G home internet and Amazon’s new home internet service rolls out nationwide. When that happens, cable companies may find cord cutting 2.0 coming for their internet customers.

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