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Comcast Just Made Cord Cutting Easier

Are you a Comcast customer with a lot of movies you purchased through their service? Worried about losing them when you cut the cord? Now Comcast has teamed up with Movies Anywhere to let move many of your movies and watch them on multiple devices. Now you can take your movies with you even if you cancel your Comcast subscription.

What Is Movies Anywhere?

Movies Anywhere began as Disney Movies Anywhere in 2014. At that time, users could buy Disney movies from the iTunes Store and use the app to create a library of purchased movies and bonus content. The service soon expanded to include Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Video, and Fios on-demand content.

In 2017, the platform expanded again. The company partnered with 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Warner Brothers. The result was a huge number of movies that could be downloaded from multiple sources and collected in one location, the Movies Anywhere platform, to stream on most devices.

How It Works

Start by creating an account with Movies Anywhere. You don’t need to pay for the service or sign up for a monthly subscription.

When your account is set up, connect it to supported retailer accounts, such as:

You can buy movies from whichever retailer you prefer and shop around for the lowest price before purchasing. When your accounts are connected, your library will sync, and you’ll have access to all the movies you’ve purchased from each retailer in your Movies Anywhere library.

You’ll also have access to your full movie library on any device with Movies Anywhere installed. Your content will be available across all platforms. If you bought a movie from Vudu and want to watch on Amazon, you can.

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