Comcast Lost 248,000 Video Customers in Q4 2020

In a news release ahead of its Q4 2020 earnings call today, Comcast reported a 248,000 net loss of video customers for the quarter.

Comcast, like both Verizon and AT&T which reported earlier this week, showed net additions to its high speed internet customer base. Comcast added 538,000 internet customers for the quarter.

When looking at video, internet, and wireless customers combined, Comcast grew its customer relationships by 455,000 for the quarter and grew its revenue by 6.3% year over year to $15.7 billion.

“Outstanding performance at Cable drove very strong fourth quarter results for our company,” wrote Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Comcast Corporation in a statement. Roberts noted that the pandemic continued to impact the business in the last quarter of 2020. “While this is certainly the most challenging period we have faced, I could not be more proud of how our management team and employees continue to pull together and deliver. Today’s results are a testament to their commitment and dedication.”