Comcast Now Charges $32.95 a Month For Just Local Channels

woman at table frustrated with billsBeen thinking about paying Comcast for local TV channels? If you are hoping Comcast would be a cheap way to get ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC you may want to think again.

Comcast is charging $32.95 for local channels in standard definition with their Limited Basic package. It does seem that Comcast is hoping to move people over to their Basic package that includes all of your locals plus Streampix and HD TV for $30 a month.

With the $30 package, Comcast seems to be offering a better deal to get HD. The catch is you would now be subject to fees like the $9.95 a month HD Technology fee. Plus, you would likely to be subject to the $10 a month Broadcast TV fee. This turns that $30 package into a $49.95 a month package just for some streaming movies plus local channels in HD.

You can find Comcast’s full TV rate card online HERE.

As always if you can have an antenna it is by far the best option to get locals. Look beyond the cheap advertised price, because you will face additional fees and taxes on many cable plans.

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