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Comcast is Planning to Test 3.5 GHz Wireless Internet

Mid age woman sitting at tableWell it looks like Comcast wants to jump into the world of wireless home internet and mobile internet. Recently Comcast applied to the FCC to ask for permission to test 3.5 HHz CBRS band service in the Philadelphia area.

“Comcast will conduct outdoor and indoor fixed and mobile testing in a small targeted portion of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, market within its service territory. Specifically, testing will be conducted within a 7 km radius,” the company said in its FCC application for the tests. “The field test will evaluate coverage, throughput, and mobility of equipment and facilities operating in the CBRS band to obtain data and advance Comcast’s understanding of the full potential of the technology and equipment utilized in these experimental operations. The field testing will also evaluate the performance of pre-commercial equipment in the CBRS band.”

Now 3.5 GHz is not as fast as the 5G networks others are testing but 3.5 GHz has a far larger range. With 3.5 GHz Comcast could offer 25 Mbps down internet at “significant distances.” This would make rolling out rural internet far faster and easier than first expected.

5G does have many advantages over the 3.5 GHz network including the ability to offer fiber level speeds. Yet 3.5 GHz would require far few towers to be built in very rural areas and allow for the rapid rollout of high-speed internet more than fast enough to stream Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

For now, this is all in testing but other services including T-Mobile, Charter, Google, and others are also looking into 3.5 GHz.

Source: FierceWireless

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