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Comcast Is Raising the Rental Price of Their Internet Modems

If you are still renting a modem from Comcast, it may be time to buy one. Right now Comcast is rolling out new rental prices on their modems that will raise the monthly rental to $11.

From our understanding, some Comcast subscribers are already seeing the price hike, and all Comcast subscribers will see the price hike by the end of January 2018.

Every year you rent a Comcast cable Internet modem you will pay $132 (plus tax in some states). Over three years that adds up to $396 (plus tax in some states).

Many Comcast modems cost less than $100 on Amazon. For example, you could get the NETGEAR CM600 with max download speeds of 960 Mbps and DOCSIS 3.0 for just $89.99 (at the time of this posting).

Over the course of 3 years, if you purchased this router, you would save $306.01—enough to buy three years of Amazon Prime.

So if you are still paying the monthly rental fee for your Comcast modem, today may be the day to buy your own modem because that rental fee can really add up.

If you want help finding the right modem, Comcast has a website that will help you pick a modem HERE.

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