Comcast & Spectrum’s Hidden Fees & Taxes Can Add Over $60 a Month to Your Bill

A young woman is sitting in her kitchen and is loking at her receipts at home while using a smart phoneWe all see the ads for TV, phone, and internet for a crazy good deal. Or have a phone agent tell you they can give you TV and internet cheaper than internet only. So how can they advertise these great deals and yet you always seem to pay more?

The simple answer is fees and taxes. On all these ads, often in small text, there is a line that says plus fees and taxes. Online you often have to click on a link to find all the taxes and fees that will be included.

While you can find these fees, many call them hidden as the advertised price does not include them. Others complain that when they call in the phone agent does not disclose the true cost of the monthly fees.

What should you expect to pay in fees and taxes? Let’s look at two examples sent in by Cord Cutters News readers.

Comcast’s Fees & Taxes

  • Additional TV Services: $18.91
  • Additional Internet Services: $13
  • Add’l Products, Services & Equipment Fees: $33.96
  • Other Charges & Credits: $13.23
  • Taxes, Surcharges, & Fees: $8.39

You can find a full break down of these fees and taxes HERE.

Total $87.49

Charter’s Fees & Taxes:

  • Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surcharge: $11.55
  • Taxes: $9.09
  • HD Set Top Box Rental Fee: $11.75
  • Digital Converter: $6.99 Per TV (So if you have 3 extra TVs that will cost $20.97)
  • Other Fees: $7.53

Total: $60.89

You can find a full break down of these fees and taxes HERE. (Note: This example is slightly different because we only included three TVs and used the updated pricing of $6.99 per digital converter.)

So next time you see a way too good deal make sure to take a close look at the fees and taxes and do your own research.

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