Comcast to Employees: Don’t Say “Data Cap” to Describe Our “300GB Data Usage Plans”

Comcast-e1396980588440Do you work at Comcast? If so you better not say “data cap.” In an internal training document obtained by Comcast is telling employees to call the 300GB data caps a “300GB data usage plan.”

Comcast wants their employees to say “Customers in non-trial areas have a 250 GB data usage plan, although we are not currently enforcing this policy.”

Comcast also clearly says, “Don’t Say: “Data Cap” (“This is not a cap. We do not limit a customer’s use of the Internet in any way at or above 300GB.”) They want their employees to say “Data Usage Plan.”

When explaining the reason for the data caps or data usage plans Comcast goes as far as saying in the training document that “this is not about congestion management.”

If you want to be exempt from the 300 GB data caps Comcast will wave them for an extra $30 a month.

Word games like this are very common in everything from customer service to politics. However, with a term like “data cap” being so ingrained in popular culture it is unlikely that this word game will change people’s view of their data caps.

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