Comcast Will Raise Cable & Internet Prices in January 2021

Following news of AT&T raising prices on DirecTV and U-Verse packages, Comcast customers are receiving notices that their TV and internet prices are going up as well.

With this price hike, customers will see their Broadcast TV Fee increase by around $5 per month, from $11.70 to $16.20. TV Box fees for those who are using Comcast equipment will go up by $2.50 per month, from $5 to $7.50. Prices for basic and premium TV packages will be increasing, along with the prices of several on demand subscription services including AMC + On Demand, WEtv + On Demand, and UP Faith and Family On Demand.

Along with cable prices increasing, Comcast is increasing the cost of internet. All packages are going up by $3/month, with the exception of xFi Advantage which is going up by $5/month.

Finally, installation fees are going up from $70 to $100 and Xfinity Home Security prices are increasing by $10 per month.

According to the Important Information Regarding Xfinity Services and Pricing notice from Comcast, the new prices will go into effect on January 1, 2021.

The price list including all changes, shared by a Reddit user, is shown below.