Confirmed: New Roku OS Coming This Fall

herogridhomeWe recently learned Roku will have three new models coming out this fall, and we just learned that there will also be a new Roku OS.

Yesterday Roku reached out to developers with an offer to join a beta developer program. This program will give developers early access to a new OS called Roku OS 7.5. (The current Roku OS is 7.2.)

The fact that Roku is offering a beta developer program likely points to a major OS update. If you want to be part of this program, you must sign a confidentiality agreement. Typically Roku just gives the beta of the new OS to developers without any restrictions.

From the Roku Developer Blog Post:

Approved developers are asked to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement before joining the program. The Roku OS beta releases, tools, and discussions related to the program are all confidential and may not be discussed outside of the Roku Testing Portal — neither in person or online.

Details of the new Roku OS 7.5 are thin, but it is likely to include many of the features we recently added to the Roku Developer Toolbox including a new menu system and menu overlay over streams.

custom-playbackThe fact that Roku is making Roku OS 7.5 available to developers means that they are confident in the current build, and it is close to being ready for the public. Hopefully we will be getting an official announcement about the new Roku models in the next month or so.

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