Connecticut Passes Bill to Restore Net Neutrality

Joining a growing list of states this week Connecticut passed a bill to bring net neutrality to Connecticut. The bill is not law yet and there are a few more steps left but it is expected that Connecticut will be one of the next states to officially put a net neutrality law on the books.

According to reports, the Connecticut bill would be similar to the rules the FCC had previously had in place. The good news is laws like this are far harder to repeal than the rules made by the FCC that can be changed at any time.

Currently, both California and New York have net neutrality bills in the works. Washington and Oregon already have passed net neutrality bills and have them on their books. There are even net neutrality bills in the United States House and Senate waiting for a vote later this year.

Other states have bills in the works but are not likely to pass them until later in 2018. As more states pass net neutrality bills it will be harder for ISPs to not enforce net neutrality even in states without the laws. As internet passes back and forth at will over state lines it would be difficult for an ISP to make sure they are not violating net neutrality laws unless they enforce them in all states.

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Source: The CT Mirror

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