Cord Cutters News Is Expanding to Help You Save Even More Money

Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating retired people cancelling cable TV serviceIn July 2018, Cord Cutters News set a record with the most visitors and page views ever on the site. This once again shows how fast cord cutting is growing and hopefully means we have helped millions more people last month learn about cord cutting.

Now to help people save even more, Cord Cutters News is expanding into new areas. We are going to do this by adding coverage of home internet and phone services. We are also expanding to cover more deals to help you save even more money.

Phones & Home Internet

Typically, when people think of cable they think of three things: TV, internet, and phone service. For 5 years, we have helped you save money on your TV plan. Now we are expanding our news coverage to look at home internet and all things phones. From your home phone to your Android or iPhone we are going to do our best to give you the news that will help you save money.


For years we have had a Deals tab on the site. This tab contains some of the best cord cutting deals we find. Now we are launching a weekly newsletter full of nothing but cord cutting deals. We also have a Twitter account that offers nothing but cord cutting deals!

You can sign up for our new Cord Cutting Deals Newsletter HERE.

Follow us on Twitter at @CordCuttingDeal, and there you can find many deals never posted on our site.

We will continue to post some of the deals we find on our main site, Twitter, Facebook, and newsletters; however, this new Twitter account and newsletter will offer deals that we don’t have time to post on the main site.

This is just a start of what is to come. Keep an eye on the site as we grow and expand into new areas to help you save even more.

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