Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating retired people cancelling cable TV service

Cord Cutters News Update: Growing to Help You Get the Most From Cord Cutting

Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating retired people cancelling cable TV serviceI wanted to take a moment and give all the Cord Cutters News readers an update on the site and our future plans.

So far in 2017 Cord Cutters News (CCN) has seen crazy growth. June 2017 was the busiest month we have ever had: most page views, visitors, and comments in a single month. (The biggest surprise is that happened during the typically slow month of June.) Even our social media is exploding with more than 1,000 new followers every week to our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Twitter account. Some weeks we saw 2,000 or more new followers.

To respond to this growth, we are making a few improvements. As always we want to give you the best cord cutting coverage possible—from how-to guides and reviews to the latest cord cutting news.

But, first, let me take a moment and say thank you to everyone who reads CCN. I launched this site several years ago with no following. Two years ago I quit my job to run the site full time. This has been one of my most rewarding jobs, and it is thanks to you, the readers.

Every time I hear a thank you or a story about how we helped someone save money, it makes my day. So thank you for your support, and I promise I will do my best to give you the best cord cutting site I can possibly offer.

So here is what we are doing to make Cord Cutters News even better!

Improved Hosting

Hosting is something most people don’t think about, but it is important to a site like CCN. With traffic growing month after month, we have started the process of moving to a faster service that can handle higher levels of traffic.

This represents a major investment into CCN as some of the options as we look to invest in a better hosting option. So we definitely want to say thank you to everyone who visits the site without using an ad blocker or who donates through our Patreon.

Prime Day

This week is Amazon Prime Day and CCN has big plans to make sure you find out about all the best Amazon Prime Day deals for cord cutters.

We will have a special newsletter going out Monday night when Prime Day starts full of the best Prime Day deals.

Also keep an eye on our social media and website because we will be posting deals as we find them.

Hiring More Writers

With the growth of cord cutting, news is breaking more rapidly and there are more topics to cover. To help address this issue we have started to talk with some experienced writers about joining our growing team.

Our goal is to not only cover the news but also bring some more in-depth stories related to cord cutting.

Improving the Website

It has been over a year now since we launched the current CCN website. Since that launch we have made many changes to the site and added new features. Now we are looking at doing a complete rebuild of the site to better integrate the new features and add more tools to help cord cutters.

I don’t want to get into the details, but we have big plans on new features that will make cord cutting even easier.

So we have started to talk with different companies to look at how we can best rebuild the CCN website from scratch.

Final Notes

These changes are not everything we are working on, but rather just some of the plans we have that I am willing to make public at this time. We have many plans in the works to make CCN the best cord cutting site out there.

Now these changes do represent a major financial investment into CCN. New servers, writers, and a new website cost a lot of money. So if you visit the site, please consider white listing us if you use an ad blocker.

Or consider donating $1 a month through our Patreon to help keep the site going strong. That amount may not seem like a lot, but it really adds up.

Once again thank you for your support of CCN. Never could I have dreamed that this site would become so big.

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  • Sunny Rain

    I would love to help and even donate more to help CCN if you guys covered all services without bias and got the facts right. Journalism is important to me and I like when people go by the basic principles of journalism.

    • AstroMonster

      Man, you know he will just delete

    • Gerry Allen

      Please provide details on factual errors that have remained uncorrected.

  • Deon Hamner

    I’m a recent cord cutter and very glad I found this website. Thank you guys…

  • HiroRoshi

    Congrats on the growth, look forward to seeing where you take this site. Have you considered Amazon AWS to host your site? You get nationwide replication/failover included and edge caching everywhere.

  • Gerry Allen

    Your growth is well deserved. While there are others writing about this topic, none have the comprehensive, unbiased coverage you provide. Thanks, and best wishes for the future.

  • Kevin Bragdon

    Congrats on the growth of Cord Cutters News!

  • lweather

    I am really enjoying this site. Consider making it possible to donate without having to do a monthly contribution.

  • HeyRadar

    On the website changes, can you remove the ‘read more’ button?