Cord Cutters News Will Temporarily Disable Comments

Cord Cutters News is announcing today that comments on-site will be disabled. This is a temporary change as we work to find a solution for fostering a positive community where readers are free to express opinions, both positive and negative, while eliminating spam, harassment, and other comments that break our Code of Conduct.

We understand that the decision to temporarily disable comments will not sit well with some of you. Please know that the decision wasn’t made lightly. It came after weeks of deleting comments full of hate speech, harassment, and some threatening language that we had to take seriously. We understand that the vast majority of those comments weren’t coming from our regular readers, but from those who clicked on links to our posts on Google or Facebook and felt the need to flood the comments and provoke others. We respect our readers and want our community to be one where everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinions without being attacked.

The decision to temporarily close comments was made after discussions among our team and looking to other outlets to hear about how they’ve managed similar issues. Many have also made the discussion to pause commenting. Those who have kept their comments sections open have used heavy in-house moderation and we just don’t have a team to handle that at the moment.

Is this censorship? No, but we understand that being censored is a concern. We have no intention of taking away your freedom of speech. You’ll still be able to comment via Facebook and Twitter. We’ve always had very basic rules about respecting others, keeping conversations centered around cord cutting, and not promoting illegal products and services.

Is it because we disagree with you? Not at all. We have no issue with different opinions, disagreements, or being called out for typos. We appreciate a good conversation and appreciate our readers letting us know if there’s something we’ve missed or something that doesn’t sound quite right. But we are absolutely not OK with insulting, demeaning, disrespectful, harassing or threatening behavior. Unfortunately, that behavior has taken over the comments section recently.

Comments will be back.