Cord Cutting 2.0 May Be the Death of Comcast, Spectrum, & More

Comcast Cable TruckIn 2019, a growing number of companies announced plans to launch new home Internet services. Now in 2020, we are seeing these services become a reality. Some of these new Internet providers are lesser known, like Starry, but others are well known companies like Amazon and SpaceX. Even wireless providers, like Verizon and T-Mobile, are working to offer home Internet.

As cord cutting grows, cord cutters have increasingly looked for ways to save on home Internet. Now a growing number of companies want to help cord cutters not only break free from cable TV but also from their Internet provider. Starry has promised to expand its home Internet service to more markets and other services have promised the same.

As cord cutting matures, we have started to move beyond just cutting the cord on TV to cutting the cord on home Internet. Sadly, so far there has been limited options if you want to stop paying for cable Internet or DSL Internet. Now with new 5G, fixed wireless, and even low earth orbit Internet the dream of breaking free from your overpriced home Internet provider could soon become a reality.

Later this year, SpaceX will launch its new Internet service and Amazon is expected to start preparing to launch theirs.

This cord cutting 2.0 movement to cut the cord on home Internet could be disastrous for companies like Comcast and Spectrum. Recently cable companies have relied on the fact that in many areas they are the sole provider of high speed Internet. As new Internet options become available cable companies may find themselves fighting not only for TV customers but also for Internet customers.

The growing number of new Internet providers will force companies like Comcast and Spectrum to adapt once again to competition or face extinction.

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