Cord Cutting Is Growing Even Faster Than the Numbers Show

Recently we learned that pay-TV services like Comcast, DIRECTV, Spectrum, and others lost over 1.2 million pay-TV subscribers. This works out to over 13,000 people canceling pay TV every day.

The truth is this number only tells half of the story. You must add to that 13,000 the number of people who move out on their own and decided to never get a pay-TV service. On top of that, you must add the hidden cutters.

Who are the hidden cutters? Take the example of three roommates splitting the bill for cable TV at a rented house. If the three roommates decide to move out and get their own places that counts as one cancellation of cable TV but if all three fail to sign up for new cable TV that makes three new cord cutting households.

Now these people are not cord nevers because they had cable TV, but they also do not represent just one cut of the cord. In the past cable companies loved it when people made more money and went from living with roommates to living alone. That meant one cable subscription could become two or three. Now the reverse is happening: one cut of the cord is really two or three cuts.

Another example of this is a divorce. In the past if someone got divorced it often meant a new cable subscriber because the spouse who moved out would sign up for cable TV. Now with money being tight divorce is often a reason people cut the cord. Again, instead of representing one cut of the cord there really are two new cord cutting households.

So how many new cord cutting households are there ever day? There is no way to know, but one thing we do know is it is higher than 13,000. When you add up cord cutters, cord nevers, and what I like to call cord cutting dividers you could be talking about 15,000 or even 16,000 new cord cutters every single day. We may honestly never know the true numbers. What we do know is the American population is growing but the number of pay-TV subscribers keeps dropping.

When did you become a cord cutter? Leave a comment and let us know.

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