Cord Cutting Saw Strong Growth in 2015

cutCord Cutting is continuing to see strong growth in all areas from the number of services offered to the number of people ditching traditional pay TV services.

In 2015 Convergence Consulting Group reported that an estimated 1.13 million US TV Households cut the cord in 2015. That would be about 4 times the amount of people who canceled cable n 2014.

The real hidden number is the number of Cord Nevers. People who became an adult and left their parents’ home but did not pay for traditional pay TV and never have. This is a gray area that is hard to measure because well we can estimate how many people grow up and move out of their parents’ house it is hard to really measure the exact number of them.

This solid growth of Cord Cutting is likely the reason why we are starting to see more options for Cord Cutters. If it was not for this solid growth you would likely not see many of the new streaming services we see almost every day now.

As every cord cutter ditches cable TV it pulls money right from the pockets of pay TV and content providers. As more money leaves it puts pressure on them to offer services Cord Cutters really want.

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