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Correction: Hulu Is Ending Support For Most But Not All DVD & Blu-ray Players

Earlier this week it was reported that Hulu would be ending support for all DVD and Blu-ray players. Hulu will start to end support for these players this month with Hulu ending support for DVD and Blu-ray players by the end of August.

Now Hulu has confirmed to Cord Cutters News that Sony 4k Blu-Ray devices will be supported, as well as Samsung Tizen Blu-Ray devices. All other DVD and Blu-ray players will be losing Hulu support sometime between now and the end of August 2019.

This all comes as Hulu is getting ready to roll out a new app sometime this summer. Hulu is likely focusing on devices with the largest number of users.

First announced at CES in January, Hulu’s new user interface will also be rolling out this summer.

One other change coming is how content is displayed. As you scroll around the Hulu home page you only are shown one TV show or movie at a time. With this newly updated app, Hulu will add the ability to view a grid of shows on the screen at once. Instead of seeing one show, you will see a handful of shows as you scroll through the guide.

Here are some screenshots of what the new Hulu user interface will look like:

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