Covid-19 has Made Hulu Viewers More Committed to Bingeing Full Series

New research shows that Hulu viewers are picking shows to watch based on the number of seasons that are available to stream. It seems as though the COVID-19 pandemic has people willing to invest more time in finishing a complete series as opposed to just watching a few episodes here and there.

Hulu reports that 96% of Hulu viewers say they’re more likely to seek content that has a full series available during COVID-19, 86% agree that watching a full series is a “commitment they are ready for” and 72% note that they are “more likely to commit to watching a full series during COVID-19 than they would be outside of a pandemic.

Not only are Hulu viewers looking for complete series, but 78% are specifically choosing to watch longer shows with more seasons. All this down time has viewers wanting to get hooked on a show they know will last a while since there’s plenty of viewing time in their future

These TV choices are proving to pan out, since nearly all of Hulu’s viewers have already finished a TV show since the beginning of the pandemic. Hulu says 93% of its viewers have watched a full series and/or are in the process of watching a full series during COVID-19.