COX Starts to Expand Their New Data Caps

Telephone Terminals in Disarray on Phone PoleIn a move that will surprise no one Cox, the third-largest cable TV company in the United States, is continuing to roll out its data caps. Cox had, for a long time, been a holdout on data caps and then offered a high data cap; however, last November it started testing data caps in more markets.

Now it is rolling out a new 1 TB data cap in even more markets.

If you go over the data cap you will now be charged $10 for every 50GB of data over 1 TB. Unlike other servicers, there does not seem to be a way to pay for unlimited data, even at the high costs services such as Comcast charge.

Unlike other services; however, Cox will send you alerts by email or via an automated phone call to alert you when you get close to the data cap. Alerts can be sent out at 85% of your monthly data plan. You can also get alerts when you have used 100% of your monthly data plan and when you hit 125% of your monthly data plan.

As all the other companies have done Cox is claiming that this will not affect 98% of its subscribers and only the heaviest Internet users will be affected.

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