Cox Is Testing a Prepaid Unlimited Home Internet Service

In the face of cord cutting, Cox is looking at offering a prepaid home Internet service.

Cox recently started running some customer surveys asking how interested customers would be in an Internet-only option. Cord Cutters News was able to talk to some participants of the survey who asked to remain anonymous. This service would be a prepaid 20 Mbps down, unlimited data, free Wi-Fi/modem all for $50 a month including taxes and fees.

This Internet plan is prepaid month to month, so there are no credit checks or long-term contracts. You will need to do your own installation or pay an extra one-time fee if they need to come and hook it up at your place.

In the survey, Cox did not say when the service would go live, but the survey was detailed and extremely specific on what should be expected, likely pointing to a new service launching in the next few months.

Comcast already offers a similar prepaid home Internet service. The Comcast service is $45 a month plus a $35 one-time set-up fee. Comcast also offers 20 Mbps down and almost all other details are similar.

Cord cutting seems to be slowly taking its toll on cable owners. Now it seems they are trying to find ways to reach cord cutters with new and more aggressive offerings.

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