CW Seed Comes to The Roku for Free

324f33d417694acc8d67ec90bc624ed8The CW Seed website currently offers hundreds of hours of shows like The Flash, Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles, and every Whose Line is it Anyways ever made. Now it is all available on your Roku! In total there are 39 shows available on the CW Seed service through your Roku!

e0a77c079164401295303e93c61f6205The best part is it is all 100% free with no need for a cable subscription! 100% cord cutting friendly!

You can add the CW Seed channel to your Roku here:

From the Roku description:

CW Seed

Developer:The CW Network

Watch hundreds of hours of your favorite shows, every Whose Line ever, and CW Seed original comedies, all for FREE.

From the website:

Q: What is CW Seed?

A: CW Seed is The CW’s digital home for comedy. We’ve got original shows like the Veronica Mars spin-off, Play It Again, Dick, and a little something we call Every Whose Line Episode Ever.

Q: But EVERY one? Weren’t there some with British —

A: We dare you to find an episode of Whose Line made in America that isn’t on our site. Also, George Washington, King George, 1776, etc.

Q: So you’re not The CW?

A: No, we’re the younger sibling that didn’t get as much parental supervision.

You can read more about the CW Seed service here:

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