Did Hulu Just Cancel Its Project With Dennis Lehane?

The Information just released a report calming that Hulu has canceled its House of Cards competitor. The project was said to be written by Dennis Lehane the writer behind some recent block buster movies like Mystic River.

The project was mean to be a flag ship program similar to Netflix House of Cards. Giving Hulu Plus a name brand to drive subscriptions with.

The Information also reports that Hulu has suffered from “continued executive turmoil and mixed messages about the site’s direction” that “have left some in Hollywood wondering whether the company has enough stability to follow through on its original programming plans.”

Shows often get canceled for a verity of reasons many of which have nothing to do with the Network or in this case Hulu. Dennis Lehane may have had a change of heart about the project or their could have been creative differences.

Hopefully Hulu will find a show to replace the project quickly. Hulu is still mostly sitting on a $750 million dollar investment by the owners of Hulu. The investment came last year as they took Hulu off the auction block in a effort to grow the online service.

Source: https://www.theinformation.com/Hollywood-Questions-Hulu-as-Vide-Landscape-Shifts