Did You Know Netflix Pays People to Watch Netflix? Now They Are Suing Netflix…

Netflix FamilyNetflix has hired people to watch Netflix programs in an effort to have them pick the best image and videos to make others want to watch them.

This program is called Project Beetlejuice and has been around for some time now but not all is well with the program. The Hollywood Reporter has found out that members of the program are suing Netflix over their pay.

Netflix members in the Project Beetlejuice program say they are working 40 hours a week but are only getting $10-a-program fee. They also argue that they should be employees, not contractors, allowing them to get overtime, paid vacation, holidays, health insurance, and 401(k) plans.

The members of Project Beetlejuice went on to say that they have worked closely with Netflix and have a “rigid work schedule” dictated by the company. One member even says she was fired after telling management that Project Beetlejuice had become her primary source of income.

So why is this project important to Netflix? Well Netflix firmly believes that a good image will make people more likely to watch a show on Netflix. Paying someone to help them find the right image could result in millions of views and, as a publicly traded company, make the number of views a very important statistic to Netflix.

Want to join Project Beetlejuice? As best we can tell right now Netflix is not hiring new members to the project but you can always check out their job listings on Netflix website:

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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