Did You Use Popcorn Time? You May Be Getting Sued…

Popcorntime_screenshot_2014marPopcorn Time was/is (depending on what day it is) a popular streaming site to watch movies and TV shows for free. The backbone of Popcorn Time was in short torrents, which made its users IP addresses easy to be seen online.

Now the Studio that owns Adam Sandler’s recent film The Cobbler is suing numerus IP address with more studios expected to file lawsuits shortly. An has even granted the studio permission to subpoena the users of the IP address and force them to name everyone who had access to the Internet accounts in question.

“While the named subscriber is often the proper defendant, plaintiff wishes to ensure that investigations are complete and proper and submits that in this matter something beyond the mere identification of a subscriber by an ISP is proper before a defendant is named,” the company explains.

All of this is happening just days after a new version of Popcorn Time, which uses the same torrent system to stream movies, has popped up. That will make any users of the new Popcorn Time open to lawsuits just like users of the old Popcorn Time service.

The best way to avoid these lawsuits is to just not use illegal sites like Popcorn Time to watch your content because movie studios and content owners are increasingly targeting them like they used to target torrent users.


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