DIRECTV NOW 2.0 Is Still Suffering From Outages & Buffering

Latin woman looking disappointed at her laptopscreen, sitting behind her desk at the office.A few weeks ago DIRECTV NOW rolled out a massive update to their 2.0 app. This new app brought a new user interface and DVR support to DIRECTV NOW.

Now, weeks after the launch of DIRECTV NOW 2.0, users are still facing increased buffering and widespread outages. So far AT&T has not commented on the cause of the outages leaving subscribers left to wonder what is happening.

Outages and issues with a major roll out like DIRECTV NOW 2.0 are not unusual. What subscribers seem to be struggling with is the lack of communication from AT&T. Leaving them to wonder if they should wait or jump ship to a competitor service.

So what is happening?

DIRECTV NOW 2.0 is not just a new updated user interface but a fully new application with a new back end. The beta was extensive and there are still bugs and issues with compacity.

For now, AT&T seems to be treating DIRECTV NOW as more of a traditional cable TV service where customers are locked into a contract and unable to leave. In the age of cord cutting subscribers now have the ability to jump ship to a competitor service at any time. Because of that services like DIRECTV NOW need to learn to better communicate before they see their subscribers leave for what looks to be greener pastures.

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