Watching tv and using remote control


Watching tv and using remote controlOver the weekend, DIRECTV NOW added new options to their DVR. AT&T recently added the ability to manage what episodes of a show are recorded and how many recordings you want to keep.

Now on select devices when you set up a DVR recording you will find options to record All Episodes or to record New Episodes. This allows you more control in what recordings you want.

The other new feature that many DIRECTV NOW beta testers like is the ability to limit the number of DVR recordings that DIRECTV NOW will keep. You can tell DIRECTV NOW to keep 3 recordings, 5 recordings, 10 recordings, or 15 recordings before they will automatically delete older recordings.

With the limited storage of DIRECTV NOW’s DVR the ability to manage what is recorded and how long it will be kept will provide subscribers a new level of control.

It looks like Android and Fire TV now have access to these new settings. Now on these devices when you set up a new recording a screen will pop up allowing you to manage what episodes you want to record and how many you want to keep.

Hopefully, DIRECTV NOW will roll out these new features to more devices in the weeks to come.

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