Watching tv and using remote control

DIRECTV NOW Beta Adds Satellite Channel Numbers

Watching tv and using remote controlLast year AT&T announced that they wanted to make their DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV app experience the same. Now it looks like they are taking one more step in that direction.

Recently when DIRECTV NOW updated their apps on the Fire TV some channel numbers also started to show up. For example, MSG Networks now shows as channel 634 and 635 in the guide.

So why is this happening? This is likely one more sign that AT&T is building the back end of DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV Satellite into a single service. AT&T still stands behind its plans to offer satellite internet but clearly they want to take their mobile apps and combine them with DIRECTV NOW at least on the back end.

We also have AT&T’s plans to launch a DIRECTV NOW home version with a set-top box. This seems to be targeting users who just want something simple they can take home, plug in, and watch their shows. It is possible that AT&T plans to have channel numbers similar to how traditional pay-TV services do for that service.

Would traditional channel numbers on a streaming service make it more attractive to you? Or is the alphabetical list all you need? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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