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DIRECTV NOW Beta Has Started to Add CBS Networks

Cheerful family having popcorn while watching television at homeFor some time now DIRECTV NOW has been running a beta to test out their new app and DVR features. One strange omission though was the lack of CBS networks, such as Pop and local CBS affiliates, in the beta.

AT&T and CBS have yet to comment on why CBS has not be included in the beta in many markets the regular app has CBS in, but over the weekend some CBS networks including Pop are now showing up in the beta.

Now there still are no CBS locals and we are unsure if that is a technical or a contractional issue. Hopefully, though the addition of CBS-owned Pop network will mark the start of CBS-owned affiliates being added to the DIRECTV NOW beta.

Recently DIRECTV NOW has been making several major changes to the beta. Some of the bigger changes include adding more controls to the DVR, new device support with Roku’s being added to the beta, and channel numbers.

Most recently AT&T announced that the new app and DVR service should be rolling out sometime in the spring of 2018. Hopefully, everything will be ready for when the new app rolls out. Keep an eye on Cord Cutters News for more updates on the DIRECTV NOW beta.

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