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DIRECTV NOW DVR Likely Delayed Until 2018

When DIRECTV NOW announced their new DVR feature it was reported to come out in the fall of 2017. Now it looks like that won’t happen as all signs point to 2018.

This week DIRECTV NOW announced they had hit 1 million subscribers. In that email sent to news groups DIRECTV NOW also listed features coming in 2018 to DIRECTV NOW.

Here are the features DIRECTV NOW says are coming in 2018:

First on that list is the DVR feature for DIRECTV NOW. If you have followed CCN you likely have seen us speculate that the DVR won’t come out until 2018. Now this all but confirms that the DVR won’t hit DIRECTV NOW until sometime in early 2018.

This also lines up with what some AT&T executives have hinted at over the last few months but have yet to confirm.

So when will the DVR come out in 2018? All signs are pointing to CES 2018 as part of a roll out of the new app and maybe even an Android TV-powered streaming player from AT&T.

With that said everything could change tomorrow and DIRECTV NOW could roll it out this year. Yet that is starting to look unlikely at this time.

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