DIRECTV NOW Increases the Quality of Their Streams

DIRECTV NOW has been busy building out a beta app and the new DVR feature has been getting most of the attention. Yet DVR is only one of a long list of improvements that AT&T is working on for DIRECTV NOW.

One of these improvements is a higher quality stream using 1080p/60 frames per second (fps) using the H.265. AT&T is rolling out this higher standard to more channels on devices that can support it such as the Apple TV.

Here are all the features DIRECTV NOW is working on adding:

  • A DVR in the cloud to record your shows
  • Download-and-Go
  • 4K and HD quality video
  • Capacity to offer more than 35,000 on-demand titles
  • Individual profiles
  • More concurrent streams

For a few months DIRECTV NOW has had 1080p/60fps streams but limited to only a handful of channels. What is new here is DIRECTV NOW rolling out the support for additional channels.

So why is this important?

The main improvement you may notice here is the 60fps up from 30fps. This means there is twice the number of images shown every second giving a far smoother streaming experience allowing for faster moving images to appear smoother.

This is important on sports channels because the action can often look choppy at 30fps. One place many people notice this is looking at the news ticker at the bottom of channels such as ESPN. At 30fps it may look choppy at times and hard to read. At 60fps you will find it a far smoother streaming experience.

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