DIRECTV NOW Just Added a Ton of New Features to Their Beta

Channel Surfing ManThis week a major update rolled out to DIRECTV NOW beta testers, which included new features to almost every supported streaming player.

Here is the email that went out yesterday about the update:

Hello Testers,

Happy Friday! We have updated the DIRECTV NOW beta app for tvOS, Fire TV, iOS, Android and Chrome with several new features for you to test:

tvOS: New video player that makes it easier to access show information, to record live content and to fast forward and rewind through a scrubber bar for on demand programs.

Fire TV: Improved video startup times and end-card functionality for restart content.

iOS: Chromecast device support.

Android: Improved video startup times, Chromecast device support and end-card functionality for restart content.

Web (Chrome): Chromecast device support and end-card functionality for cDVR.

As always, we welcome your feedback! On your mobile device or PC/MAC please select “Provide Feedback” found under the cog (  ) icon. For Apple TV or FireTV, you can provide feedback via the feedback portal located here.

One of the noticeable players missing is Roku. Recently DIRECTV NOW released a beta app for Roku players, but for this round of updates there is nothing new for Roku.

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