DIRECTV NOW Is In a Race to Beat Sling TV

Cheerful family having popcorn while watching television at homeThere is a battle for your streaming dollar and DIRECTV NOW is spending big to win.

This week Sling TV announced that they now have 2.212 million subscribers. They are the clear winner for number of subscribers, but DIRECTV NOW quickly went on the offensive reaching out to newsgroups to let everyone know DIRECTV NOW is seeing faster growth.

AT&T recently has been pouring money into their DIRECTV NOW service. From offers to get an Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku to deals for discounts on the monthly subscriptions, DIRECTV NOW has been spending big to get subscribers.

So far that push for subscribers seems to be paying off as in just 13 months DIRECTV NOW built a subscriber base of 1.3 million subscribers. That makes DIRECTV NOW the second-largest live TV streaming service in the United States. Yet it seems clear that DIRECTV NOW intends to become the number 1 live TV streaming service in terms of subscriber numbers.

In the statement sent to Cord Cutters News, DIRECTV NOW points out how it took Sling TV 3 years to build up 2.212 million subscribers. It seems that AT&T belives they are well on their way to passing Sling TV in subscriber numbers.

The question now is will DIRECTV NOW be able to maintain their growth if they stop offering such large deals on monthly subscriptions and devices. For now we will have to wait and see what happens, but AT&T shows no sign of slowing down their spending to get new subscribers.

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