DirecTV NOW is Having a Rough First Week

directv_logo_4195DirecTV NOW has been one of the most talked about new streaming services of 2016. So maybe it is no surprise that there have been some hiccups in the first week.

DirecTV NOW subscribers have hit a ton of errors have. Here are just a few of the most popular errors people are seeing:

  • Error 40: Video error
  • Error 60: Using more than 2 streams (Even when you are not)
  • Error 70: Blackout channel
  • Error 80: Error saving favorites
  • Blackouts of Many Shows
  • Lastly To Name a Few Network Wide Crashes

It really should be no surprise that DirecTV NOW is having issues this week. Streaming live content is a lot harder than streaming on-demand content. With on-demand content you can do what Netflix does and put many servers hosting the content close to major population centers. With live content you can’t seed the country with servers the same way Netflix does.

You also face the fact that as with any new streaming service people use it more often in the beginning. Like a new toy at Christmas you are far more likely to use it for the first few days than you are a few weeks into it.

This is understandable. People want to test it and are much more aggressive switching between stations and devices. This puts an extra heavy load on the servers and can bring about crashes on the host end.

Now the only question is how quickly can AT&T get DirecTV NOW running smoothly. So give it some time and remember streaming is harder than you think.

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