DIRECTV NOW Sees Strong Early Subscriber Growth

DIRECTV NOW seems to be off to a strong start at least when it comes to subscribers. A recent report says that AT&T’s new DIRECTV NOW service is averaging about 35,000 simultaneous viewers.

Yet simultaneous usage doesn’t indicate the number of subs that DIRECTV NOW has, but from the data they have Dan Rayburn from estimates that it’s in the neighborhood of 140,000 using an industry average that about 25% of users are streaming from the service at any given time.

Yet this maybe well bellow what AT&T had hopped for. According to reports AT&T had reserved enough server capacity to support about 1 million simultaneous DIRECTV NOW customers.

“While I don’t know what percentage of total users are paid versus non-paid, I would estimate AT&T has less than 100,000 paying subs for their new service since it launched,” Rayburn wrote.

“When a service like AT&T’s struggles with reliability, video quality and functionality, and has non-existent support for consumers, it’s not going to fare well,” Rayburn said, holding that DirecTV Now “won’t have any material impact on cable TV subscriber numbers and isn’t a catalyst for cord cutting.”

Here is the current packages pricing for DIRECTV NOW look like:

  • Live a Little 60+ Channels $35 a Month
  • Just Right 80+ Channels $50 a Month
  • Go Big 100+ Channels $60 a Month
  • Gotta Have It 120+ Channels $70 a Month

You can find a full break down of all the DIRECTV NOW packages HERE.

Source: Multichannel News

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