DIRECTV NOW Sees Strong Growth in 3rd Quarter 2017

Yesterday AT&T filed its 3rd quarter 2017 numbers with the Securities and Exchange Commission—something all publicly traded companies are required to do.

From these numbers, we now know that once again DIRECTV NOW is the bright spot in the AT&T TV lineup. In the 3rd quarter of 2017 DIRECTV NOW added 300,000 new customers, which is a huge jump! At the end of the 2nd quarter 2017 DIRECTV NOW had just 491,000 total subscribers.

Overall AT&T lost 90,000 US video subscribers if you count DIRECTV and U-Verse TV customers. A loss that would have been much higher if it was not for DIRECTV NOW.

It looks like AT&T plans to push hard into DIRECTV NOW with a new DVR and app, and it has also announced plans to add 4K streaming.

In addition, AT&T has been slowly but steadily adding more local markets. Just this week it started rolling out more NBC affiliates. A few weeks ago it announced plans to add 40 new local affiliates in the coming weeks.

So while other TV services may be losing subscribers, DIRECTV NOW clearly is front and center in the mind of AT&T.

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